After Injury or Surgery Rehabilitation

Transitions Aquatic Therapy: Accelerate Your Healing After Joint Injury or Surgery

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After any type of surgery, increasing mobility is a top priority. Stiffness, pain, and loss of flexibility can quickly result from lack of use. Our aquatic therapy program increases the ability to comply with weight-bearing or range-of-motion restrictions because the buoyancy provided by the water reduces stress on joints and muscles. Ultimately, rehabilitation in water, including walking and joint motion, can begin much earlier than on land. Walking in water also eliminates the fear of falling and/or re-injury.

Thermal Benefits
The pool soothes your body in comfortable 92 - 94 degree water. When there is less pain, there is better healing.

The Assistance of Buoyancy
The buoyancy provided by water enables you to move in ways not possible on land. When your feet are off the ground, 100% of your body weight has been relieved from your achy joints!

Accelerate Recovery with Resistance Jets
The adjustable jets allow a healthcare provider to prescribe a myriad of exercises at varying intensity levels, promoting extensive, pain free joint movement and strengthening.

Reduce Swelling with Hydrostatic Pressure
Hydrostatic pressure is the amount of force exerted by a liquid when it is at rest. When submerged in the Transitions Aquatic Therapy pool, the pressure exerted by the water onto the body reduces swelling in the arms and legs. When the entire leg is immersed, the pressure is greater than if you were wearing an ace bandage. The pressure of the water also increases circulation, especially to the hands and feet, bringing the much needed healing blood to the injured areas.

Protect Surgical Incisions
Your healing incision can be protected by using a waterproof cast cover or transparent dressing to protect the site. The prescribing physician will determine the appropriate technique for protecting the incision.

  Chart showing the percentage of body weight off-loaded with increasing immersion depth

Height-Adjustable Floor

Height-Adjustable Floor



After Injury or Surgery Rehabilitation

Benefits of the Pool

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