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Transitions Aquatic Therapy: Experience the Power of Water

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Height-Adjustable Floor with Variable Water Depth

The entire pool floor is fully height-adjustable for safe access without lifts, ladders, or steps. You simply walk or are wheeled onto the floor. The floor is then lowered to the depth ideal for your weight-bearing status as determined by your aquatic specialist (up to six feet).

The entire entry and lowering process takes 30 seconds. As the water level is raised, your body will become more buoyant, and the amount of weight-bearing is decreased. This results in less pain and stress on the joints when compared to land-based therapy and exercise.

Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill

The entire floor of the pool doubles as a variable speed treadmill. The speed is adjustable from 0 to 8.5 miles per hour in 0.2 mile per hour increments. The surface is cushioned for low-impact and has excellent traction.

Variable Water Temperature

Therapeutic temperatures between 92 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit are used for treating a wide spectrum of rehabilitation conditions. The warm water relaxes your body, increases circulation, and improves flexibility. The pool has a state-of-the-art filtration and chemistry system to consistently heat, filter, and purify the pool.

Resistance Therapy Jets

The pool’s resistance therapy jets have nearly 200 different water speeds. The jets are beneficial for rehabilitation, sports performance training, swimming, and deep tissue massage. They provide resistance for range of motion exercises to strengthen your muscles and aid in stripping the lactic acid from your muscles.


The directional jets allow you to have massage hoses attached for deep tissue therapy. You can target chronic areas to relieve spasms or relax sore muscles. The hydromassage flushes lactic acid, facilitates myofascial release, and manipulates scar tissue, all of which aids in overall pain management. Hydromassage improves daily symptoms of arthritic and chronic pain conditions.

  Chart showing the percentage of body weight off-loaded with increasing immersion depth

Height-Adjustable Floor

Height-Adjustable Floor


Computer Monitoring and Documentation

The underwater cameras project front and side view images onto monitors, so you can adjust your form. All functions of the pool can be monitored and recorded, so you can validate your progress.

Other Features of the Aquatic Therapy Pool

The pool is large enough to easily accommodate up to two people. The removable, support bars ensure comfort and security. A water resistant, hand-held remote gives your specialist control of pool functions during treatment or conditioning sessions.

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