Aquatic Therapy Testimonials

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Lukus Campbell

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

"I broke my leg in the first hockey game of my senior year and aquatic therapy helped me get back on my skates sooner. It was a program that not only gave me strength training, but it allowed for a new and greater flexibility I hadn't had with dry land therapy."

Deb Mayer

Dove Healthcare - West and South

"In December of 2005, I was in a life threatening car accident. I was hit by a drunk driver and my whole left side was broken. After four years, I still struggle. When Dove Healthcare - South was open in the fall of 2009, I was very interested in the new aquatic pool and therapy. After working for nearly three months with Ben, my physical therapist at Dove Healthcare, I feel that I have become stronger. Learning new walking techniques, working with the water jets in the pool for my scar tissue and the continuation of exercise techniques for my special needs since the accident, have helped me tremendously. Today, I continue to work in the aquatic pool with Jeff Sauter, Aquatics Director. My hope is to become whole again, one step at a time. Dove Healthcare helped me at the beginning of my recovery process and still helps me today."

Henrietta Dickerson

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

"I was prescribed therapy to build up strength in my right leg prior to scheduled knee replacement. My treatment was 45 minutes in water therapy and up to 20 minutes on the Nu-Step machine. After 10 sessions paid by Medicare, I opted to privately pay for 10 additional session of water therapy with Jeff Sauter. The additional sessions strengthened my legs, my core muscles and improved my balance. The amazing results was that it improved my back so much that I no longer have pain requiring medication. My back pain has required injections by the Pain Clinic for the past two years to control severe back pain. I have highly praised the results to everyone I know who has severe back pain."

Howard Bullock

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

"The pool is GREAT!!! What else can I say. I heard so many good things about the aquatics program at Dove Healthcare - South. I had a total hip done prior to coming to Dove Healthcare - South. I couldn't believe how much easier it was to walk in the pool than on land. I was so impressed with the staff and the pool. The pool is my favorite! I feel better today than I felt before I broke my hip. I think that after all the therapy I will be able to do more than I did before."

Francis Heike

Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire

"I cannot say enough good things about the care and treatment that I received at Dove Healthcare. I first came to Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire from the result of a broken hip. I had been to Dove Healthcare before so I knew what to expect… the best! The therapist I was seeing decided to leave and go to the new facility, Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire, so I decided to follow and try the aquatic program as an out-patient. The pool was a great experience! I now can walk short distances without a walker or a cane. I was very impressed with the cheerful staff at Dove Healthcare. So I would like to say, Thank You!"

Patricia Russell

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

"I began the aquatic therapy program following a knee replacement in October 2009; I have also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for more than six years. Following surgery, I received conventional physical therapy. However, I've since discovered that 30-minute sessions in the heated pool at Dove Healthcare leave me more relaxed and generally free from the discomfort of physical stress. In just a few sessions, I'm already experiencing improved muscle strength and extension, better balance, and some reduction in secondary joint pain. And the staff at Dove Healthcare is really friendly and accommodating. I recommend the aquatic therapy pool to anyone who is recovering from surgery or has arthritis."

Carl Bahnson

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

"I have used the pool at Dove Healthcare for rehabilitation after a lower leg amputation and in an attempt to assist and improve my mobility, balance and endurance. I've had approximately seven sessions in the last month and have noticed a substantial improvement in balance and flexibility. I am able to stand without discomfort and without aides or support. The water workouts have provided natural support without stress on joints so that I have increased flexibility in my limbs and trunk. It is exercise without exercising! I highly recommend aquatic therapy for someone who is interested in improving their health without the discomfort of aerobic exercise."

Transitions Rehabilitation - Aquatic Therapy

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