Aquatic Therapy for Wellness and Weight Loss

Regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do to slow down the aging process and elevate any weight loss program to new heights. The Transitions Aquatic Therapy program provides one-on-one exercise instruction and services from a trained aquatic specialist in a private setting.

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The Assistance of Buoyancy

Water is a great medium to exercise in if you’re interested in losing weight or adding a new challenge to your wellness program. A person generally burns 60 calories more per half hour of activity in the water than on land. Exercising in buoyant, warm water eases the stress on joints and muscles, lowers or eliminates pain, and allows for more comfortable movement. 

When standing in water at chest level, you are 80% weightless. This weightlessness allows your body to easily perform exercises and movements that may be difficult to do on land. Being virtually weightless in the water means the pain and tension you may have felt while exercising on land will also decrease.

Texas A&M Studies Found:

  • Pool exercise burns more calories per minute than land-based treadmill exercise when walking or jogging at four mph or above (with jets at 50% capacity or more)
  • Subjects in the study gained more lean muscle mass than those using the land treadmill (with jets at 50% capacity or more)
  • Subjects lost a higher percentage of body fat
  • Four out of five participants preferred exercising in the pool rather than on the traditional land treadmill


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Wellness and Weight Loss

Benefits of the Pool

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